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Your website’s appearance has the biggest impact on your audience’s first impression. If you want to make that first impression a positive one, you must invest in making your site look appealing and interesting. This includes things like your design style and color choices. You want your website’s design to reflect your business. It’s best to choose a style and colors that reflect your business.


Your website’s navigation strongly impacts how your audience experiences your site. You want your audience to explore your site and get to know your Jacksonville business. If your navigation is confusing or difficult to use, you increase potential of losing leads.It’s important that your navigation is functional so leads continue to engage on your page.


Many leads will find your site and like the information they see on your site. They want to take the next step, but they aren’t sure how to proceed. A proper call-to-action (CTA) on your page will help guide them to the next step.There are two main purposes of a call to action: to tell someone what they should do, and give them the motivation to do so.

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